The 5 Things you can do now to protect your home during storm season

What to do to prepare for storm season in Greensboro/Triad region.

Hurricane season typically runs from June until the end of November in this region of NC. Statistically, our region is most at risk during the months of August, September, and October.

Here are 5 things you can do now to prepare now for storm season in Greensboro/Triad region and protect your home. 👊

1. Review your homeowner’s policy

First things first – review your homeowner’s insurance policy coverage before the start of hurricane season and ensure your policy is up-to-date and you have wind and hail coverage.

NC state law prevents insurance policies from raising the rates of your policy due to sudden and accidental claims. Wind damage, hail damage, and trees falling on the roof or house are categorized as sudden and accidental claims.

2. Purchase a tarps

After a storm hits, finding tarps to cover damaged areas may prove to be difficult as the demand increases and the supplies in stores decrease.

3. Check your property

Check larges trees for age and durability and trim trees and branches that hang over or near the roof.

Remove debris from the roof. Debris left on the roof can wash into the gutters and clog the gutters and downspouts. Debris left on the roof can also retain moisture which can lead to mold and rot, damaging the integrity of the roof.

Secure or store loose items around the house as they can become flying debris during heavy winds.

4. Clean out gutters and downspouts

Blocked gutters and downspouts prevent water from flowing off of the roof and causes water to back up and seep underneath the shingles that can leak into your home.

And last but most importantly…

5. Get a roof inspection

Routine roof maintenance helps extend the life of your roof to its full potential. Especially important before storm season, a roof inspection helps to identify problems before severe damage may occur.

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